Workshop on Anatomy of Asanas

Workshop on Anatomy of Asanas

22 July, 2020

Workshop on Anatomy of Asanas
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Date: (01-20) August 2020
Duration: 20 Days (Online) + 2 Days (Physical)
Time: 7:30 a.m- 9:00 a.m NPT
Mode: Zoom Cloud Meetings
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Master Trainer: Dr. Binod Ghimire (MD, Yoga & Rehab)

Duration: 30 hours (Contact hour)

1. Concept of Asanas
2. Muscular Structure and Contraction
3. Basic Terminology- Anatomical position, movement
4. Connective tissues
5. Role of Nervous System on Asanas
6. Skeleton System Overview
7. Stretch Reflex,Golgi Tendon Organs, Reciprocal Inhibition
8. Stability, Flexibility, ROM, Safety measures
9. Alignment and Adjustment
10. Exercise Physiology- Endurance, Stretching, Power, MET Value
11. Major Muscles- Origin, Insertion and Action in relation to Asanas
12. Anatomy with Practical
– Standing Asanas
– Sitting Asanas
– Supine Asanas
– Prone Asanas
– Inversion and Balancing Asanas

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