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कोरोनाको भयबाट हुने मानसिक असर कम गर्न नियमित योग गरौ

26 May, 2020

https://dietkhabarcom/1097 April 08, 2020 कोरोनाको विश्वव्यापी महामारी मुलुकभित्र नफैलियोस भनेर गत १६ दिनदेखि सरकारले लक डाउन घोषणा

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History of Hatha Yoga

06 May, 2020

- Kabindra Yogi: If one wishes to ponder upon the history of Hatha Yoga, ignoring the history of yoga itself will be a distortion of information The inception of Yoga begins with Shiva who is also known as the Adhi Yogi as well as the father of Yoga He was the first yogi to teach and

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Learning from a Master is Always of Value, Says Yoga Guru Kabindra Rajthala

07 April, 2020

Yoga is an ancient art, science, and philosophy gifted to humans for spiritual enlightenment It's an emotional matter practiced by Sadhak (Seeker/Practitioner) for self-realization For this, yoga offers a three-dimensional benefit: physical, mental, and spiritual In today's world, people across

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