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Frequently Asked Questions for Yoga Teacher Training!

Here are some frequently asked questions you might be curious about in order to become a yoga teacher.

  1. What is the maximum number of students per class?

    We only take 15 students at most so as to not overcrowd the class. 

  2. I am a beginner. Can I apply for the yoga teacher training course? 

    The 200-hour yoga teacher training residential and non-residential courses are designed specifically to aid beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners. We aim to provide a balance and safe practice session for all levels. 

  3. What type of yoga is taught at Yogmandu? 

    We follow the Ashtanga and Hatha yoga styles in our teaching. 

  4. Can I attend the course even if I’m not good at English? 

    Well, you’ll need to have at least a basic understanding of written and spoken English since our classes will be taken primarily in English. 

  5. Do you offer airport pick-up and drop-offs? 

    Unfortunately, we don’t provide those services. But, taxis are readily available to and from the Tribhuvan International Airport. 

  6. Do I need any vaccinations or medications for my trip to Nepal? 

    Vaccinations are not mandatory but do visit the following website for more information. 

  7. Is there anything else I should know? 

    Since our Yoga Teacher Training course is based on the traditional teachings from Nepal, some of it might be influenced by Hinduism like the graduation fire ceremony and the mantra chanting section. 

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