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Terms and Conditions for the YTT Residential Course

Yogmandu Yoga’s 200-hour Residential Teacher Training course is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Payment and Cancellation Policy 

A reservation deposit of USD 200 is required to reserve a course and the remaining balance of USD 1200 is due upon arrival. 

As for the refundable policy, 50% will be refunded if you cancel during the first week. Similarly, cancellations during the second week will get you 40%, during the third week will get you 25%, and any cancellations during or after the fourth week will get you no reimbursements. 

If for any reason Yogmandu cancels your reservation, you’ll be reimbursed fully. In case of an illness or other government restrictions, you’ll be able to allowed to change the reservation dates. 

Photography and Video

During the YTT course, we might take pictures and/or videos of our students for marketing purposes. Yogmandu will post these photos and/or videos on its socials. 

If you don’t want to be included in these pictures and/or videos, please let us know beforehand. 


Students are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs during the course. Similarly, we don’t support violence, swearing, and vulgar behaviors. And not to mention, we don’t allow meat consumption within retreat grounds.

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